Our diverse range of services related to citizen science and science communication includes consultation, keynotes & moderation, strategy & idea development, training & workshops, as well as research support & evaluation. We possess a broad range of expertise in terms of both subject matter and methodology. Our distinct backgrounds, experiences, and competencies are complementary, enriching both our collaboration and our ability to tailor an offering specifically for you.


We provide comprehensive consultation for citizen science projects and science communication, and place particular emphasis on considering the interests and needs of citizens. 


Explore the fascinating field of citizen science and science communication through our inspiring keynotes. Let us demonstrate how citizen science is revolutionizing scientific engagement and how science communication is expanding perspectives on research.


Energize your event with our discussion panels and event moderations on citizen science and science communication. We steer conversations, foster expert exchange, and create an inspiring atmosphere that encourages thoughtful contemplation.


Citizen science projects are complex and require careful planning in dialogue with citizens to be efficiently executed and successfully implemented. Based on your needs, we support you in developing concepts for citizen science projects and crafting strategies for suitable science communication formats. 


We offer tailored training and workshops on citizen science and science communication in short sessions or interactive (digital) day formats, aimed at educating your team on these subjects and promoting participatory approaches.

support & EVALUATION

We guide you through all stages of your citizen science project or science communication activity. To ensure that you achieve your goals, we additionally offer support in monitoring and evaluating the success, effectiveness, and impact of your endeavor.

SCI:MOVE - Science on the Move

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